Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nathanel's dream - part 2

SGA wraith slash fiction
!Mature content!
Slash pairing, wraith : Todd ( SGA wraith character) , Nathanel(my OC)
by GvonR

"I'm here to teach you the next lesson." - that familiar hand pushed him down to his knees so he can literally look up to his mentor.
He still wears his usual black outfit, his long, messy hair shaded beautyfully his characteristic face. His lips were a bit parted, Nathanel started to feel those erotic tremors started from his stomach down straight to his groin when Todd slowly licks his thin lips.
Nath started to caress along his master's effective stunner through his leather pants and he felt it's already hard as a rock.
He quickly opened it and unclenched that impressive stunner, amazed by the sight, he rub against his cheek and lips.

"You are very good in this my boy, show me what you can do in a situation like this."
He didn't say a word, just obey like a fool and draws that into his mouth and starts to suck it as his life was in the balance. At the same time he knew he'd already had somebody but this feeling was amazing, the way it's moving in his mouth, it was indescribable, frightening and he enjoyed it so badly.

In the second flash he did the same but they were on his bed and they were both naked.
They saw every little movements of each other's body separately and together. Todd's hand crept up along Nath's spine ridges, his fingers softly brushing his shoulders, then moving up to his neck and grabs his hair passionately.
He pulled backwards his head while bends over him, he was strong and manly as a good commander should be. His muscles were so sexy as he moved his appetizing body above Nathanel's.
He wanted to be the dominant, again, and the only thing Nathanel wanted just to be fucked by him hard and hot, immediately.
Todd pressed his head to Nath's, almost fully lays on him while his rock hard cock slipped into him.
They both growled in pleasure, oh those deep multi toned pants were awesome and thrillingly beautiful in Nath's ears.

In the third flash Nathanel felt his master's hot seed shooting on his face, into his mouth. It tasted like Heaven and Hell at the same time, the heavenly fact of he kneeled in front of his master, the terrific fact of he enjoyed it and gulps as much as he can.

Todd looked down to his apprentice and showed that usual amused look on his face while he saw his fluids slowly dripping to Nath's chest. He grabbed his hair and lifts him up to stand in front of him.

"You passed." - he said with a long purring voice, licking off his own body fluids from Nath's cheek and lips. His thoughts were in his eyes: " I taste very good."

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