Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nathanel's love affairs: Kohrhi

Base: it was a chat RPG on Facebook.
Type: slash, wraith x wraith, PWP!
Who's in: my OC, Nathanel and Kohrhi wraith

Nathanel’s just doing his daily works when he got to know a newcomer ont he Hive, Kohrhi.
They did some interacts before and Nathanel felt there was something….unexplainable between them. He found Kohrhi very sexy, as he did and do with a lot of males on the ship, but he was different in some things.
Nathanel tries to tease almost everybody, because that amuses him, yes. He’s horny too, but sometimes it’s just a funny game to tease or harass the others, like he did (and doing) with Cranky Steve. He loved and used to the surprised faces when he says something but Kohrhi was different.

He tries to tease Nathanel! That was quite new to him. Nobody tried to tease him – besides his lover, Thor . Females always trying to tease him, but the only thing he did and he’s doing is to smile and say some polite words because he don’t want to hurt the ladies.

Kohrhi came sometimes, they did random talks but Nate always saw something in hiseyes.
Kohrhi  wanted to fuck him. Seriously and hard. But not just only that. His mindfeel told Nate, he wanted a relationship too, but there’s an unpleasing wall, cause Nathanel’s mate is Thor.

Nathanel thought about these things a lot while he worked or did anything but he hadn’t found the answer yet. He’s in love? Can he love anybody with his whole heart? Does he love Thor?

The answer is: yes.
He know that and he see that more clear than anything in his life, he loves Thor and Thor is his one and only for him, his other part, the wraith he loves with his bad sides too.
But he is curious. He’s more than 3000 years old and still curious. Horny as hell.
So these little sex affairs means anything to him?
The answer is yes again, because he’s not that heartless and blunt what he’s showing sometimes.
In this case…he knows he hurted somebody…but this is his nature. He have to continue his way. Sex affairs are always warmly welcome for him….he broke hearts but he wants the owners of these broken hearts to know: he still need them, still wants to keep the good relationship and love them. For the next night what they’ll spend together.

Kohrhi: hi, how are you? I like to come see you and I would also like to interact with you if it does not bother.

Nathanel: Hello! :) Of course not! :) I like talking with my wraith friends, especially when they're good looking :) oh a question: we know you as Eddie and your name is new to me :) how does it came from?

Kohrhi: this is my real wraith name! Eddy is given by humans, it does not concern me ... I do not know who this is Eddy ( it is pleasant for me to watch you, you have a very sexy body ;) )

Nathanel: Ah I see....well it's a shame but I forgot my real name.....humans and the other wraith always call me Nath.... but with that sexy thing, I'm not the only one. :) *stares him from head to toe*

Kohrhi: *looks in the same manner*

Nathanel: I love your hairstyle *goes closer and touch a mop of hair* how can you do that? *smiles*

Kohrhi: it's a style I like a lot! The worshipers have a good expertise in hair styling :) Did you realize that you are very attractive Nathael? ;) * burning eyes *

Nathanel: Well, the others told me, yes :) You think I am? *goes closer* I think you're also attractive *smiles*

Kohrhi: I confess I am troubled by you, this feeling is new to me .. I do not know what happens to me *looks intensely*

Nathanel: *puts his hand to his shoulder* You don't need to apologise. You're not the only one with these feelings, just like me. There are wraith, who feels the same....there's nothing bad in this. *whispers* Well, actually, when I'm in a situation… like this, I usually step across all the borderlines, but I don't wanna frighten you… *strokes down on his face* *stands calmly in front of him*

Kohrhi: I'm not scared, just confused by the proximity of you ... * breathes his scent * ummm

Nathanel: *smiles lightly* ...and you like this...proximity? *brushes away his own hair to the right side, playing with his braids*

Kohrhi: I do not know .. I guess so .. please do not play with me, it's dificult for me. I try to understand why I feel so attracted to you *troubled look and blushed*

Nathanel: *smiles* I understand. And I can assure you I'm not playing with anyone. I have some other wraith there… I'm attached more or less, you can come to my qurters too anytime you want *smiles*

Kohrhi: I am jealous by nature, so if the other wraith interests you then I leave you with them ... *annoyed*

Nathanel: *grabs his arm softly* Don't do that. you're so.... *his lips almost reaches Kohrhi's lips* cute...

Kohrhi: *loses his head while feeling so close and kisses him on the lips* Forgive me this gesture, I could not resist, sorry. * head slightly down ashamed *

Nathanel: *holds up his face* You don't need to be ashamed, I like your taste. *kisses him again*

Kohrhi: *taste his kiss with delight, his heart beats faster*

Nathanel: *hugs him while they're kissing, pushes his stunner against Kohrhi's, now the embrace is complete*

Kohrhi: * the feeling of losing his head is so good, his hands caress his back, his blood beats in his temples*

Nathanel: *feels the soft caresses on his spine ridges, purrs* *slids one leg between Kohrhi's leg, kisses along his neck*

Kohrhi: * continues to stroke his back gently insisting on his dorsal ridge and descends slowly up his buttocks.. and press Nate harder against him*

Nathanel: *starts to ease off Kohrhi's clothing*

Kohrhi: * removes his clothing and also discovers his beautiful body * .. *is positioned above it .. and puts a burning kiss to his chest ...while slowly descends on the belly*

Nathanel: Oh Iratus.... *feels Kohrhi's hot kisses down on his belly**strokes his hair, licks his own lips while seeing what he's doing*

Kohrhi: *descends even lower to his hard and erect member ... puts his lips on his penis and slides his tongue over, slowly slowly teases with his tongue, licks and takes it into his mouth with in moving of come and go*

Nathanel: *enjoys his dick being sucked, moans* *looks down to Kohrhi, bites his lips* Oh, you're so good in this....your mouth is a….amazing… *pants*

Kohrhi: * completely removes his pants .... pushes Nath’s back against the wall, slides his legs between him, rubs his stunner against his buttocks, nibbles at his neck and slips into him gently and deeply ... hears his  groaning then starts with some gentle thrusts then faster and faster and stronger*

Nathanel: *moans loudly* Oh my....*pants* *feels Kohrhi's hard thrusts against him and feels his beautiful 20inch long stunner moving in him in and out, feels it’s whole lenght and texture* I love being used this way...*moans like a slut, almost reaches his own completion*

Kohrhi: *accelerates his moving in it with more intensity, feels  his orgasm  to come, slids his hand through his hair and puts his other hand on his stomach to pushes him harder against him, groans with pleasure and looses his seeds in him* ..*made of soft kiss on his back*

Nathanel: *moans loudly while reaches his orgasm, helps himself on his own dick while he feels Kohrhi's hot seed releasing inside him, and he come to his own hand and stomach* *smiles and turns back his head to reach Kohrhi's lips, strokes his hand on his stomach, enjoys the feeling of that slick, hot thing* *raises his own hand and licks his own seed from it and lets Kohrhi to see it*

Kohrhi: *takes his hand and licks his cum from it then licks his feeding slit too* ..*looks at his face turned towards him, grabbed him by the chin and licks his lips with his tongue*

Nathanel: *moans and melts into the kiss* *turns in front of him, and caress along his body down to his stunner**gives Kohrhi a satisfied smile* It was amazing. *plays with Kohrhi's hair*

Kohrhi: *smiles at him, plays with his hair* Sure it was.

("story" made by Nathanel and Kohrhi)


  1. Oh My (really) Iratus! I love this story, it is so exciting and so sexy. From this perspective, I see these Wraith like never before. I like these Wraith who know the passion. You write really amazing. I have to go read the other parts :)

  2. Haha! Thank you! And... it seems this story will continue.... if you begin this type of RPG, you cannot stop :D:);)

  3. Exactly! :D I would love it if you could write sequels. This part story of your stories is my favorite! :)

  4. So I look forward so much! :D