Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nathanel's dream - mini slash fic

SGA wraith slash fiction
!Mature content!
Slash pairing, wraith : Todd ( SGA wraith character) , Nathanel(my OC)
by GvonR

He felt like he was paralyzed.
His dream came faster than he expected. The more he used the enzyme, the more he'd lost his self control in some situations.
It was a bad idea to continue using it because they'd just tested it and he had quite bad experiences in the past with it.

Dreams were coming so fast.
He was in a hiveship, everything was similar to the ship where he'd lived in.
There was no disturbing voices or other wraiths in the ship, there was nobody, just him.

"You lost self control. It wasn't the first time since I'd watched you.
Weakness, it's weakness!" - He heard a very familiar and strong voice in his head.

He was standing in the middle of the distended space, silently. He could sense the strong mindfeel, let's it penetrate to his own.

"Identify yourself with strenght and science and try to behave as I teached you! You're about to fall. Will you be my fallen...angel....Nathan...el?"

The next moment came as fast as it could be.
He felt a tight grip on his throat as he felt a long tongue lick along his ear and face. It was phenomenal. He was panting lecherously.

"I've always knew." - the familiar voice still echoed in his head, still he felt those strong and impressive thrushts behind him, inside his body.

"I missed you my boy. You're as young and imprudent as you left me many years ago, oh how I missed you..." - the deep toned voice said and Nathanel felt him hammering even deeper inside him. The physical pleasure got stronger in every moment.

He wanted to scream, but he couldn't.
He wanted to say something, but he couldn't.
The only thing he could is to enjoy those hot tremors inside his own flesh from head to toe.

"Tell me is it good, hm? I know it's good for you too Nathanel, my good boy, ooohhhh!"

He felt that very familiar pulsation of that amazing stunner inside him, as he gave his seeds to him again... like many years ago. He had almost forget that many amazing pleasure and lust it could gave him in the past.

He was his first lover.
He said it gave a neverending connection between Master and Apprentice.
He was right. Painfully and truly right through that heavenly pleasure he could give him everytime when they had intensified their connection.

Finally he'd let him to speak:
"I have to....speak with you....Master..."

"Ohh, don't call me like that." - the deep, caressing voice whispering from behind.
"You know that I'll be always with you if you need some help." - the big, strong, and at the same time quite refined hands caressed along his face, moved through his silky soft hair.

In the next moment they had stood in front of each other.

"I will teach you to use your abilities right. To learn more self control. Just say my name and I'll be with you to help you." - the great commander kisses Nathanel's forehead softly.

"Why are you doing this? We haven't met for a...long time..." - Nathanel said, rubbing his face against the other.

"As I said: I missed you. I felt your hot blood, that imprudent habit and that seductive mindfeel I searched for a long time. It's only you."

They slicked together to made a complete one, ground wasn't under their toes. That very strong, and very old but still fresh and interesting mindfeel enthralled Nathanel while he licked along his mentor's star burst tattoo above and under his left eye.

"I wanna see you...and say you some...things..." - he said while scanned those beautiful smouldering yellow eyes.
"You can see me now. That's enough, for now."

He came to his senses kissing the air, there was only one word extincts on his mouth while he opened his eyes: "Todd"

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