Thursday, May 10, 2012

The sweetest revenge - In Erik's lab

SGA wraith slash fiction
!Mature content!
Slash pairing, wraith treesome: Erik( from SGA year 2. part 20. Allies), Thor(Thorthewraith'sOC), Nathanel(my OC)
by GvonR

In Erik's lab

Nathanel worked slowly on Thor's rock-hard stunner while they looked Erik.
He was at his table, still felt peeved because of what happened between him and Nathanel and the fact he was in a cage because of his deeds.

-Okay, I know everything. You wanna provoke me and kill me don't you? - Erik growls to Thor and Nathanel.
Thor smiled at him, caressing Nathanel's hair, who already kneeled in front of him with his stunner deep in his mouth.
-I think we are so cruel now. Do you enjoy what you see Erik? - moaned in pleasure while felt Nathanel's warm mouth around his cock.
-Ohh, yessss!- he stepped closer to them, started to rub his own groin through his pants.
-I want to join!-he licked his mouth and felt his cock almost penetrated his strong leather pants.
Thor looks down on Nathanel in a questioning way, he didn't know what to do at that moment or what Nathanel wants. He wanted to feel his mouth but also do something more. He couldn't believe it at first but he felt he had already forgive most of those things to Erik.

Nathanel stopped polishing his stunner and looked up to Erik. He stood up, glaring him from head to toe.
-I want him. - he said to Thor, licked his lips, grabbed his belt and pulled him closer to themselves.

Thor giggled to him then shifted his eyes to Erik, licked his lips slowly and made a quiet purr.

-I want him too. -Thor said.
Erik was frozen for a moment he couldn't believe this happened. One of his most erotic dream was ready to came true.

-Do you want to join usss Erik? - Thor said with a forgiving smile.
-Ah, of course! But....I think it's nothing but a trap. Maybe you want to see me again in that cage.
-Oh why do you think this? - Thor stepped closer to him, started to caress his silky soft hair.

-You are a very good teacher and I'm glad to be your assistant. - he said tracing his tattoo on his forehead.
-You must kidding me. I don't know, I don't believe what you say. Not really... -Erik said with a doubtful smile on his lips.
-Look at me. Do you think I'm still angry because fucked me? - Nathanel said, while slick against Erik.

-I think we are really horny now...we want you to join us...Erik. - Thor said with a soft moan in the word "Erik".
He grabbed Erik's cape and pulled him as close as he can, licked along his face.
Nathanel started to lick him from the other side and Erik felt he almost came into his pants.

-Do what you want with us, now you have the chance...- Nathanel said, while started to undress the head scientist.
-Well, it seems it's true....scientists seems cold and nerd at first sight but they are really, really pervert. - Thor smiled, helps Nathanel to undress Erik.
They undressed each other and slicked against each other, moaning in pleasure as they felt each other.
That was warm and erotic when they felt smooth skins against their own.

Nathanel stood in front of Thor, gaves him a long tongue kiss, inviting Erik with his right hand. Erik hugged Nathanel, licked and rubbed his spine ridges. Nathanel moaned in pleasure, he wanted to feel them inside him, he felt the vibrancy of those two, it was a real and pure lust.
Erik rubbed his big and effective stunner against Nathanel's ass, started to prepare him to do something more.
Thor worked on Nathanel's manhood and Nathanel did the same to Thor.

-I've always wanted to try something like this. - Erik said while he wildly pushed himself on Nathanel.

He growled loudly but soon it became good because he was used to that.
Thor's hand still worked on Nathanel's stunner, felt it's hot tensions.
Nath leant on the table with his left hand, kissed and licked Thor's bare chest, he knew Thor liked that so much, at the same time he felt Erik's thrusts and Thor also felt those strong and merciless rhythm wherewith he fucked his lover.
Erik sucked and bite Nath's shoulders and neck, moaned loudly in his ears. With his other hand he grabbed Thor's hair, tried to pull his head closer.
He kissed Thor, enjoyed to play with his tongue.

-I can't hold it back, ooohhhh! - Natahnel growled in pleasure, he threw back his head when he reached his orgasm, at the same time he felt Erik came inside him with much intensity. He felt Erik's seed pulsating inside him and his hot liquids landed on Thor's sexy stomach. It was that sweet feeling he liked very much, he needed a few minutes to came back to his senses from those feelings.

Erik panted in pleasure, caressing Thor's and Nath's head, buried his face to Nath's hair, inhaling his scent.
-It was fantastic....-he panted. He saw Thor didn't finish yet. He shifted his lustful eyes on Erik.

- I want to make you mine Master... - he pushed off Nathanel and grabbed Erik's arms to pull him closer.

-Yes, I think this will set back the harmony between us. - Erik said in a purring tone and let Thor bended him over. He leaned on the table in a submissive way with open legs. Thor liked so much to see him bended over. He rubbed along his spine ridges, when found the best position he push inside Erik without any foreplay or preparing.
Erik growls and moans as he felt his assistant's hard thrusths deep inside him.

-Oh Iratus Gods I'm damn good! I'm fucking the head scientist now, I hope he will promote me higher.-Thor moans with a soft smile, caused pleasure with his movements to his Master.

-Of course you are good! So good, just don't stop, please, please...! - Erik moaned and panted under his strong grip. He thought Thor developed much physically.

A wraithling bended him over, a wraithling seduced him, took his body in the way he liked it but that wraithling did that very good - this thoughts almost made him crazy as he found himself moaning and begging in pleasure again like he did it many times before.

Thor was euphoric when he came. It happened soon but it's relative cause he could hold it back for long time. Tensing and thrusting hard he felt everything was perfect, the felt of his Master, pulsating inside him was one of his most erotic experiments.
Nathanel had watched them while leaning to the table, he gave a big smile to them when they finished.
He came closer and gave sweet tongue kisses to them.
They cuddled and caressed each other, forgiveness was in Thor's eyes.

-We can work together again, plus energies handed down! - he said softly caressed Nath's face and Erik's hair.

Erik laughed:-Boys you did very bad things to me... I think you'll need a pretty cage not me. - sure he was joking, still felt them on himself.
-You were amazing. - Nath said playing with Erik's goatee.
-Like you. - Erik said and kissed Nathanel.
-Now you experienced the pleasure in conscious what I made to you last time.
Thor pulls apart them jealously.
-Hello Honey! - Nathanel said with his cute smile.
-We have to continue our work, but....I think I'll be more effective with my two good assistants. -Erik said then kissed Thor softly.
-Just tell me one thing Erik - Nathanel said: - you prefer males?
Erik smiled with his sweetest smile to Nath: - No. - then kissed his forehead.

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