Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why do you love me?

SGA wraith slash fiction.
Theme: Stargate Atlantis
Male wraith / male worshipper

So this is my first fanfic in English....
I hope it's correct enough to understand :D First I'd like to write something short, but I'm planning some longer also.


-Why do you love me? – he asked him with a soft caress along his chin line.

-Hmmm, there are many reasons  to love you.- he whispered softly, reacting  to the touch. Those long, greyish green fingers started to move down, as slowly as they can, discovering all those little places of his neck, and his hairless chest.

He hugged the wraith as thight as he can, breath in his sweet, cinnamonn- like scent.
The warith held him in his strong arms, then pushed off a little and continues his caress along his cheek, rubbed softly his chin. They keep the eye contact for a few moments. The young man looked into the wraith's alien eyes, enthralled by the movements of his pupil, what reacting to the change of dark and light.
He felt he can't be more in love than now, as the strong commander held him in his strong arms, as he looked up to his specific  face.

The wraith was more than one head taller than him and the adoration in the boy's eyes, that sweet, loving pheromones had always amused him. He was amused that time also, and that familiar, warm-hearted but  in the same time frightening smile, those sharp teeth, the form of his thin lips, and the curl in the corner of his mouth made the man's heart pounding so loud.

He stroked down slowly to the wraith's goate, and started his caresses on the alien's face.
His skin had a soft gleam in his face, but to touch it, wasn't much different from touching a human's skin. Wraith skin is smoother with a little slick overtone, but it isn't oily. Completely hairless to touch, it gives more pleasure for a human-more than a worshipper can bear without fall in love.

The young man continued his soft caress on the wraith's face, started to follow the beautiful starburst tattoo on the wraith's forehead, down beneath his eye with his first finger.

His hands started to caress the wraith's long, greyish white hair, curling a few mop of hair around his fingers and playing with it. He enjoyed the silky touch of his hair, than gripped a bunch of it and smell in it deeply.
Amazed by the wraith's good smell, he clasped again his waist and buried his face into the messy, white hair, enjoying the scent mixture of the hair, the skin of his neck and leather clothing.

-Todd! - he whispered and started to pant softly under the strong commander's touch, as he requite his embrace.
He closed his eyes and suddenly feel the penetration of Todd's mind into his own. They're join together and dancing slowly while they made a complete one.
That feeling was more erotic than any sexual activity. The man was always amazed by his wraith, but the fact of the numerous possibilities of make love with him- make love in mind, or when he used the power of life energy and flow it, or just had the regural, physical sex - he often felt it drive him insane.

-Tell me! Why do you love me Larion, tell me! - the wraith whispered softly, it was almost a purr and Larion felt the hot air against his ear. Goose bumps everywhere, he started to feel his legs almost gave up under his weight.

-You are so strong. Effective. Manly. In the way of your kind... It frightened me before... This love you...- Larion panted harder as Todd slowly closed his long fingers around his neck and kissed his forehead as light as air.

He always loved that wraith tenderness always had something agressive, something feral.
Todd moved his feeding hand up in Larion's long, blond hair lightly, as cold wind can blow those little hairs to make him goose bumps again everywhere, up and down as hot, as fire burning beneath his already burning skin. He knew and felt Larion wants to mate him.

-Your skin-I love to touch soft...I love the slick feeling of it...- he continued his whispers and as Todd's hands started to move down to his face, he started to moan quietly.

-Tell me more! Why do you love me my Larion? - he said with a silky snarl and push a small kiss to the young man's lips.

- I love your hair Todd, I love your smell, your skin, your goate, I love to kiss your good, feel your body...every inch of you, I love what you are, I love your kind, your mind inside mine, you inside me, I love to serve you and I know you know what I'm thinking and it's so...exciting.

-You're right. -he told with a whisper and pressed his lips softly against the young man's lips.

They kissed each other slowly, their bodies slicked together as thight as they can, Larion felt he want nothing but stay in this moment forever. He enjoyed his lusty commander's hard clench, he was happy and he was much in love, more than it's possible for a human.
Todd continued kissing his beloved worshipper's lips but he know he had to go soon to finish his tasks of the day. The wraith broke the kiss, and purred as Larion started to massage his nape.

-I love you Todd! - he said and continued the stress solver massage down the wraith's broad shoulders. Todd purred continuously and when he opened his eyes, calmness and lots of amusement were in it, he was smiling.
He always loved to hear when Larion flatter him, he loved his young, lustful worshipper.

-Mmmm, now it's clear you learnt how to ease a wraith. You're such a good boy Larion, obedient and honest. You're in a good way. Good, very good. - Todd told him with a sweet, purring tone.

- I know that I'm yours my master, my love. I'll worship you till my life ends, if you want it my Todd! You know that. - the young man said, giving another tight cuddle to the wraith.

Todd wasn't that sentimental type but this relaxed status pleased him so much, after those many stress of finding new feeding grounds, fighting with the Athlanteans for trust, and to keep his respect in his Hive also.

The next moment they had suddenly sensing another being in the room. It was Kenny, staring them with curiosity. Todd growled silently, he know he have to go now.
He felt he can spend ages with Larion, just relaxing, cuddling and mating but now, he have to go.

-The Athlanteans arrived my Commander. - Kenny said with a neutral voice, trying to guard his curiosity and desire to join them into their intimacy. Of course Todd could sense his yearning.
He shook his head with a few quiet growls, showing all his teeth to poor Kenny. His authoritative statement echoed loudly in Kenny's head: "He is only mine!"
Kenny downcasted his eyes while Todd stepped by then look up carefully to Larion.
The young man stood in front of him with a happy smile.

As Kenny smelt in the air tilting his head, he can smelt the scent of Todd on the boy. That scent wasn't sensible to humans, it wasn't bad, but it was the mark of Todd, the invisible sign of a wraith what he put on his worshipper to shield him from the hunger of his hive mates.
It was the orgy of pheromones, wraith pheromones.

There was something Todd liked very much in that boy. He could feel everywhere, everytime how the boy loved him and it's amuse him.

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