Sunday, February 12, 2012

SGA slash fiction /detail/

 He was in his room, just relaxing a bit after the mission. Those vibrant thoughts started to flow into his brain. He started to feel dizzy and hot.
“I feel various terrible things. Eh…just the same bad headache. A headache after that night when I was sober nevertheless those strange things happened. God my ass still hurts!  I feel various weird things. Deep in my veins. A bit physical tiredness with those small, smoldering desires turned into urges. Very quick, very hard.
When I see them I feel I’m loosing my mind.
I hear them. All of them. They are inside me. I see what they see and I feel those cold, slippery touches. They whisper into my ears. They whisper naughty things to me. And I like them. I fucking like them and I want to be fucked by them…..very, very hard……..

A small detail from my SGA slash fiction. :}
I’m writing my first, it’s a challenge and I love doin’ it. :)

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